Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing Memories 2012 (Week 2): My First Airplane Ride

It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college that I took my first airplane ride.  I went to visit my grandparents in Florida with one of my college roommates during spring break.   We flew to Ft. Myers from Rochester. I don't really remember much about the flight, I guess it was uneventful.  I do remember I was nervous and in fact I still kind of get nervous when I fly.  It has become a much less anxious experience, but I don't love it!  I like landing much better than taking off.  I like to sit in the middle of the plane near the wings.  I like window seats better than aisle seats.  I would rather check my luggage then have to cart it around with me.

When I fly I always order a ginger-ale, it is my drink of choice.  I have to make sure that I have lots of magazines.  I prefer to look at magazines instead of reading a book.  I have to have gum and if given the choice I like flights that have TV.  The longest flight I have ever taken was to Hawaii, it is also the only flight where I have gotten to sit in first class.  The best part of flying first class to Hawaii was the reclining seats and the ice cream sundaes.

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