Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Quiet

So, I am going to tackle this five minute Friday writing task --Quiet - well that is a joke! 
Who ever has time to be quiet, in fact I'm not sure I even know what quiet is and in some cases I don't know how to handle quiet. 

It certainly isn't quiet in my house right now.  I'm sitting here at the kitchen table starting my day before work.  I can hear Phineas and Ferb as if I'm in the room watching it -- how invasive,  it floods my mind with annoying sounds.  In the background I can hear Sports Center as my husband works from home in his chair.  The keyboard clicks as I type and I can hear the white noise of A's fan on the monitor.  So even when I'm attempting to find 5 minutes of quiet -- life isn't quiet!  It is sensory overload.

I did find some sense of quiet yesterday when I was waiting for my massage -- it is about the only time I allow myself to be quiet -- but then so many thoughts come flooding in my mind and I have to swish them away.  I'll start thinking about work, things I need to do at home, ideas for Christmas -- life seeps in even when you want quiet.  I'm not good at quiet -- I feel like there always needs to be something.  Quiet is hard work and not normal.

Inspired by Five Mintue Fridays.


  1. "Quiet is hard work." So true. And that seems so funny to me -- that we should have to work to be quiet (i.e. not working). :) I love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. I hope somehow amid the Phineas and Ferb and the Sports Center and the work today you find the quiet. (Here from 5 minute Fridays.)

  2. It is so hard to swish the clamoring thoughts away when we make time for quiet. "Hard work and not normal," indeed! Especially in today's society. Here's to finding the inner quiet amidst the noise, for all of us.